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MEAM 519: Elasticity and Micromechanics of Materials (Graduate)

Taught Spring Semester 2014 and Fall Semesters 2014-2021

The first half of this course is devoted to the formulation of the theory of elasticity (kinematics, balance laws and constitutive relations) from basic principles such as Newton’s law and simple geometric arguments. Next, in the second half, we apply this theory to analytically solve simple two-dimensional problems and introduce a wide range of special topics, including the effective behavior of composites, homogenization, variational principles, finite element theory, thermoelasticity and plasticity.

MEAM 321: Vibrations of Mechanical Systems (Undergraduate)

Taught Spring Semesters 2016-2020

This course teaches the fundamental concepts underlying the dynamics of vibrations of single and multi-degree of freedom systems, which are broadly applicable to mechanical systems. In particular, the course introduces a variety of methods for analyzing problems in vibrations and dynamics, including, Newton's method, Lagrange's equations of motion, and the principle of virtual work; and analyzes transient, steady state and forced motion of such systems. A brief introduction to numerical strategies to solve and analyze nonlinear systems is also provided.


Our group actively engages in multiple outreach activities, with a strong focus on underrepresented minorities. Prof. Reina is also the department representative for Advancing Women in Engineering since 2014. Some of our activities include:

  • Speaker at Experimenta con PREM event, June 2021

  • Lecture to REU students: "From atoms to our perception of reality: a journey through space and time scales"(Summer 2019)

  • Pre-orientation faculty panel for Advancing Women in Engineering (Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019)

  • WICS High School Day for Girls 

Spring 2018: Welcome Speech on the role of Mechanical Engineering in our society.

Spring 2017: Lecture: "From atoms to our perception of reality".

Spring 2015: Lecture: "From atoms to our perception of reality".

Spring 2015: Welcome Speech on the role of Mechanical Engineering in our society.

  • Panelist at a CTL workshop on Women in Engineering (Spring 2018)

  • Speaker at panel in Penn Honors Diversity Symposium (Fall 2016)

  • Speaker at CTL workshop: "Teaching your first course" (Fall 2015)

  • Speaker at panel on faculty interview and hiring process addressed to PhD students and postdocs (Spring 2015) 

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